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Infrastructure plays a vital role in the success of a business. KRI in the last 45 years has developed a state of the are infrastructure to cater various needs of its business. We have an environment friendly lush & beautiful campus where proper godowns are maintained for the storage of raw materials and the carpets.

In-house finishing facilities enable us to have a better quality control on every stage of finishing, be it washing, stretching or embossing and clipping. We have in-house looms for Hand knotted, Hand tufted and Shags. We have our own woollen yarn spinning mill which helps us in better quality control of the raw material being used in the manufacture of the carpets. Ware housing and packing facilities are optimum to the international parameters.

We have developed an organised infrastructure to facilitate our various production processes. We are a composite unit having well integrated production facilities i.e. Yarn Spinning, Dyeing, Designing, Weaving, Washing, Finishing and Packing.

These facilities discriminate us from regular manufacturer and exporters and enables us to have better control on the production.

Our various production facilities are as follows:

Wool: We procure our own wool, whether imported or Indian. Hence we are more cost and quality effective.
Spinning Mill: We have our own woollen yarn manufacturing unit where we manufacture various types of yarn as per our requirements.
Expert Artisans: Handspun woollen yarn is spun by expert artisans, who have expertised skills in spinning various types of handspun woollen yarn.
Dyeing Machine: Our dyeing arrangements help us in the usage of standard dye materials along with advance dyeing techniques which ultimately help in better quality control.
Designing: We have a team of designers in house who are persistently involved in developing new and trendy designs and patterns. The new CAD system is really a priviledge for us.
Weaving: We have developed in house production centers, especially for hand knotted carpets which greatly helps in better quality control and faster production.
Washing & Finishing: We have in house washing and finishing facilities which again help in quality control and organised production.
Warehousing & Packing: We have a well developed campus which is eco-friendly and has ample of space for warehousing and packing facilities.

Our Campus